Drone Roof Surveys & Aerial Inspections.

It used to be a time-consuming and expensive process to be able to carry out a roof inspection of a large building. These days, we can conduct roof surveys from the ground. A drone roof survey can cost much less than more traditional methods of carrying out a roof survey on a large building. A drone roof inspection can check the condition of a roof and provide incredible video footage and images without the need for scaffolding.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Drone Roof Inspection as Opposed to Having a Traditional Roof Survey?

There are many benefits to opting for a drone roof inspection. Below are a few points explaining the advantages of having a drone roof survey –

  • You can save up to 70% of the cost when you take into account the cost of hiring access equipment such as scaffolding.
  • Hiring a cherry picker or organising for scaffolding to be erected can take time and organisation. A drone pilot can be on site much quicker without all the need for expensive access equipment.
  • Expensive roof survey drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras. The cameras take highly detailed photographs and video footage safely from the ground. Roof surveyors on the ground can view the live video footage or images and instruct the drone pilot with directions accordingly.
  • The CAA approved drone pilots carry out their inspections by adhering to a strict code of conduct. The safe code of conduct minimises the chances of accidental damage to people’s property. Following the safety code of conduct also helps to avoid any accidents with pedestrians passing by.

A roof survey cost in the UK will increase in price if another person is required to assist the drone pilot. In some situations, a second person is needed to operate the drone’s camera.  The drone pilot will be free to concentrate on flying the drone in a safe manner. A second person is sometimes used to watch for road traffic and passing pedestrians. The last thing a drone pilot needs to deal with is pedestrians walking into the take-off and landing zone.

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How Much do Drone Roof Surveys Cost?

The cost of a drone roof inspection will depend on the size of the building. A larger structure such as a church or office block will take much longer for a drone roof inspection to complete than it would for a semi-detached house. Our drone roof surveys are carried out using the most up-to-date technology. Using the most up to date technology allows us to carry out roof surveys in a relatively short period of time. Our drone pilots are committed to providing our clients with a detailed & hassle-free roof survey.

Drone roof survey costs cannot be finalised until everything has been taken into account. A drone pilot has to research the surrounding area where the aerial roof inspection is going to take place. The location itself might require a survey to make sure it’s safe enough to carry out a roof inspection. Many business owners and homeowners live close to military bases and airports. The operator of the drone will need to find out if permission is required to fly a drone safely in that airspace.

There is much more involved in carrying out aerial photography than what first meets the eye. All this is taken into consideration when putting together a quote for a drone roof inspection.

Its important to remember it’s not all about the costs when having a roof inspection carried out by a drone operator. You have to think of the savings too, especially if you are the owner of a business. An aerial survey of the roof means no scaffolding is not required. There will be no disruption to the business. The business will be able to operate as usual. Drones are the ideal solution for carrying out regular roof inspections and fault finding in hard to reach places.

Price Example

An example price for the cost of a drone roof survey can be as low as £295 to survey the roof on a residential building. An example price to carry out a drone roof inspection on a large building can start as low as £500.

When the survey is complete, you will be provided with high-quality digital images of the roof.

Drone Roof Surveys

Why Should I Hire a CAA Registered Drone Pilot to Carry Out a Roof Survey?

Registered drone pilots who carry out roof inspections are governed by strict rules set out by the civil aviation authority (CAA). The civil aviation authority will only approve drone pilots once they have passed all theory and practical tests. Drone operators have to be approved by the CAA to carry out commercial work such as roof surveys. The civil aviation authority has strict guidelines, which need to be adhered to. The rules are there to protect the public by ensuring safe flying and avoid people’s property getting damaged.

It’s imperative that you hire a CAA approved drone operator when having aerial photography or footage taken of your roof. An experienced drone operator will know how to carry out roof surveys safely and without breaking any laws. All registered drone pilots will have public liability insurance in place. Public liability insurance covers themselves and your property from accidental damage.

Drone Roof Inspection
What are the benefits of having a drone roof survey?

High-Resolution Inspection Images

Our drone teams will capture detailed aerial photographs of the roof so you can see the condition of the roof for yourself. A drone survey of a roof will be able to help to identify problems with flat roofs, gutters, pointing, lead flashing, parapets, chimneys and even structural problems.

Access Hard to Reach Areas

A drone can safely inspect buildings and structures that are difficult to gain access to. Some buildings have protruding features or obstructions. These obstructions make traditional methods of gaining access to the roof  more difficult and dangerous. A drone roof survey will significantly reduce the usual costs implicated for a task of this magnitude. Not to mention no lives at risk either.

A church steeple would be a perfect example of a building with a hard to access steeple. It is usually older buildings that have a roof structure which is likely to be higher pitched. These are the types of buildings that are difficult to get access to. The cost for setting up scaffolding to look at the church steeple would be incredibly expensive not to mention time-consuming. A drone is a perfect solution to carry out a roof inspection such as this. In this situation, a drone would provide high-resolution images all within a relatively short period of time.

Cost Effective Aerial Imagery

There are several reasons why the owner of a building or a manager would want high-resolution aerial photographs of their buildings. The images could be used for documenting the current condition of a roof for insurance purposes. Aerial photographs are often used for the development and planning of a property.

Aerial imagery of building provides the owner or manager of a building to better assess the performance of the drainage system on the roof. One of the main factors in the longevity of a roofing system is how quick the roof system drains water away. The less time water is left to ponder on the roof the better. Having high-resolution digital images of a roof can inspect how well the drainage system on the roof is working. Pooling water is a bad sign as it can lead to leaks in the roof.