Our team of experienced roof advisors provide our clients with detailed roof surveys throughout the Northwest of England.

The contents of the home buyer roof inspection report will contain information about the condition of the roof.

The home buyer roof inspection report will bring to your attention any problems with the roof and estimation of repair costs.

The home buyer reports will contain detailed information of the following –

  • The present condition of the lead work including valleys/flashings
  • Check the condition of the downpipes & guttering system
  • Inspect the roof tiles/slates and make a note of their condition
  • Check the condition of the chimney stack, pointing and the pots are secure

Internal Inspections Will Include the Following:

  • An inspection of the membrane and document its current condition
  • Check the condition of the insulation
  • Inspect the condition of all the internal timers

Our Roof Survey Reports will Include the Following:

  • An estimate of how much it will cost to have the work completed (if any is needed)
  • Photographic evidence of each problem
  • An estimate of how long you can expect your roof/flat roof to last in its current condition

What Are the Benefits of Having a Home Buyer Inspection?

  • The potential to save £1000’s of your hard earned money by avoiding having to pay for expensive roof repairs or structural problems.
  • To have peace of mind knowing in the bad weather, your roof tiles are going to stay firm and protect you and your family from the elements.
  • To highlight any problems with the roof and the costs involved to repair them which you wouldn’t of known about otherwise.
  • The roof survey report will help you to negotiate a reduced asking price for the property and adjust it accordingly.
  • Helps you make an informed decision about buying the property at its current asking price.
  • Avoid the stress of scaffolding, roof repairs, and workers at your home down the line to carry out the work.

Important Information About Standard Home Buyer Reports

The majority of home buyers in the UK presume the mortgage valuation report will conduct a thorough roof inspection and notify you of any issues. Unfortunately, bank or building society surveyors are no longer allowed to go up on a roof due to insurance purposes. The best they can do is look from the ground with a pair of binoculars. This is the reason why so many people are hit with expensive roof repair bills after they have moved into the property.

Roof Advisor strongly recommends having a thorough roof inspection carried out before you purchase a property. We believe a roof inspection cannot be conducted from the ground and someone needs to be up on the roof to properly inspect the condition of the roof.

If you would like more information regarding the home buyer roof inspection, please do not hesitate to call 0151 317 5080 or you can use the contact form below.